why sun interiors?

Integrity, Longevity, Alliances

That Sun Interiors has remained an industry leader is a testament to their superior quality and integrity. Our client base is well served by our customer-focused approach that combines the ability to offer a wide range of carpeting choices, representing the full-range in aesthetic and decorative values. Our customer-focused approach is the root of our enduring success and excellent reputation.

In our 30+ years, we have completed over $50 million dollars worth of flooring projects for government, schools, businesses, healthcare, and retail. That kind of track record comes from providing quality service to our customers.

In addition, by choosing Sun Interiors you are choosing to work within the StarNet® Commercial Flooring Cooperative. You gain unique access to comprehensive solutions involving project management services, initial site visits, material estimating, floor preparation and scheduling, material handling and installation.

Sun Interiors
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