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Interior Vitalization Maintenance

Flooring is a major expense for your company, and it's an investment in the comfort of your office environment. Since you're planning on keeping it on the floor for many years, you want it to look good perform well for as long as possible. So does Sun Interiors.

We know that routine care results in longer life for your flooring. So we've developed a comprehensive maintenance program as a part of our set of integrated flooring solutions for your facility.

Sun Interiors is offering Carpet Maintenance, not carpet cleaning. What's the Difference? Carpet Maintenance is managing soils and spills to minimize carpet damage and maximize the long term appearance levels. Carpet cleaning is just that : cleaning dirty carpet.

Our carpet maintenance services include:

Flexible Vitalization Service Program - One team dedicated solely to your building and unique maintenance concerns, facility assessment, traffic pattern and problem area identification, and customized maintenance programs.

Frequency Based Program - Interim and periodic cleanings to remove soils from foot traffic.

Revitalization Service - Restorative maintenance for when periodic maintenance is not enough.

On-site Repair and Assessment - Minor carpet repairs to prevent tripping hazards, Upholstery, fabric panel, and area rug cleaning, Deodorization and disinfection of mold and mildew.

Maintenance Consulting - Education of in-house or janitorial staff on proper vacuuming, spotting techniques and cleaning chemistry.

Our carpet maintenance program is competitively priced with most carpet cleaning programs. And, if you choose our maintenance services in conjunction with installation, we can guarantee your flooring for an extended period of time.

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